was a more relaxed experience for all of us. apart from the permanent exhibition and the continuous slideshow from international photographers an outdoor workshop in paint and clay supervised by maria carvalho and sabine portela was enjoyed by many children, adults and people in between. strange and extraordinary clay sculptures were produced and 3 primary colours were mixed together to create both brownish and decidedly un-brown prints on a sheet of brown paper about 7 metres long. much fun was had, and much smearing went on. children played draughts (checkers to you) and spillikins (mikado to you. or pick-up-sticks) in the back room where the schools library service set up a display on the theme of a rainbow of brown. towards evening peter pick showed his own brown slideshow with music by richard miles and himself, and then played his video again, this time not quite so loud. there was more african music.

eventually, everyone started to go home and various sabines and their friends tried to eat delicious cold food in salle 1 before the children ate it all. no easy task.

the artists and works featured were
iolanda parente - paintings
sabine portela - painting and persephone.
josé teixeira - "poeta", ceramic installation with lights.
maria carvalho - ceramics, "ao vento" and "luas"
richard miles - painting and stringed instrument.
eugénia cavaca - earth paintings on glass and metal.
mário rocha - painting, "another view".
francisco araújo - traditional wood carvings of religious subjects.
rodrigo brito - photography.
peter pick - poetry, music, video, photography.

photographs for the international slideshow were loaned by these artists

imagemkr1 (jacqueline), usa.
sisasola (anja), germany.
FiatTipoElite, galicia.
AH in Pgh, anne, usa.
casually krystina, krystina stimakovits, england.
Gabri Le Cabri, gabrielle cabri, france.
mark valentine, mark sullivan, usa.
the unbearable brightness of seeing, andré van der ree , the netherlands.
janberckmans, Jan Berckmans, belgium
BisyBackson, marion, the netherlands.
jurek d., Jurek Durczak, poland.
sonofsteppe, Csaba Molnár, hungary.
TiC's wonderland, Daniela Huser, switzerland.
tlate hiin, Takako, usa-japan.
Carlo Pedretti, italy.
athena glow
ubych, edyta, poland.
j neuberger, usa.
Steffen Tuck, australia.
bueno-antonioaugusto, Antônio Augusto Bueno, brazil.
tossthecam, germany.
j@cqued@nck , jacque, brazil.
floebee, Shari Baker, england.
sabine portela, portugal, england.
125ième f 5.6 , france.
robert ragan, slovakia.
HWSH, ireland.
Ryan Brookes, india.
Hk-l, japan.
finsmal, Mike Lusk, usa.
Life Pilgrim, usa.
Miriam HMello, Miriam Homem de Mello, brazil.
peter pick, england.
Greenmonster, svetla, bulgaria.
citlali*, usa.
Alembisque, John Daniels, england.
Robert in Toronto, Robert Wallace, canada.
John Reiff, John Williams, usa.
rusted_flower, Susan, canada.
dontaylor, Don Taylor, usa.
fernandoprats, Fernando Prats, spain.
spezoid, Steve Teso, usa.
*L, Luísa Cortesão, portugal.
htakat, Hercules k, greece.
Jo Casson, Johanna Casson, england.
Mr November, James Berry, england.
m@pestaartje, Maartje Jaquet, the netherlands.
l'homme de l'autre rive, jean-marc barrier, france.
longhairbroad, Cynthia, usa.
blopsmen, Pablo, england, galiza.
antmot, thailand.
iacubs, spain.
ImaginationAlone, Jade Arthur, usa.
Samm Bennett, japan.
mksd, Markus Diedrich, germany.
Guy Batey, germany.
nouredine, نورالدين , germany.
piblo (piblokto), Thomas, sweden.
giarcffej, Jeff Craig, usa.
workers' opposition, Rohan Quinby, usa.
brombromp, italy.
Bruce Grant, usa.
xamaxblue, christine, germany.
Dead Slow, Christopher Hall, usa.
hphettich, hans-peter hettich, austria.
isoldt_bunny, australia.
stormodig, Catherine Lundmark, sweden.
farmor2001, inger hansson, denmark.
erdmöbel, germany.
pogonophobia, david swanson, england.
littlevanities, Zichuan Lian
akiruna, Annemie Hiele, the netherlands.
Rainer, germany.
linthesky, france.
gatalinkica, Vera, serbia.