festival of brown 2009


now that we are gone

the brown world has moved away, back to its various apartments, and we are slowly recovering. sabine portela and peter pick undertake a new adventure, carrying brown offerings to paradela do rio where they will hold a joint exhibition of paintings, video, music and photography without all the attendant distractions of the festival. this exhibition will open on the 3rd of october at 17.oo and continue on sunday 4th at arte da terra, http://www.clayarte.com/ .
sabine will be showing a series of 15 entirely previously unseen pictures with a startling surface density. she has also promised us a little brown shrine. peter will play his brown water video and reveal other musical adventures, display new photographs and may also read his poem things to say about brown, if bribed suffficiently heavily.

you will all be very welcome and may be awarded special chocolate if you are lucky.