chamada para submissões para o festival, com um foco particular na fotografia, pintura, escultura, vídeo e actividades (workshops etc.) para os dias de abertura
call for submissions for the festival, with a particular focus on photography, painting, sculpture, video and activities (workshops etc.) for the opening days.

datas importantes important dates

propostas até dia 30 de junho 2010
proposals until 30th of june 2010
selecção dos participantes até dia 31 de julho
selection of the participants until 31st of july
entrega das obras até dia 27 de agosto
delivery of work until 27th of august
abertura do festival da cor castanho dias 3 até 5 de setembro
opening of the festival on 3rd to 5th of september

todas as propostas podem ser enviadas para o endereço brownfestival@yahoo.com
you can send all your proposals to the following address brownfestival@yahoo.com

a call for entries

your humble committee is proud and a little amazed to announce that after considering the various options presented to us the second festival of brown will be held from september to december in the ecomuseu in montalegre, trás-os-montes, portugal. this is an exciting new venue equipped with modern video technology set next to the castle in a town most famous for its gatherings of witches. montalegre is set deep in the northeast corner of portugal among mountains and woods, mists and moors on the edge of the gerês national park.

we could not be more pleased about this, it is a venue which will enable us to display not only a collection of fixed objects but an extensive and shifting selection of moving images, music and slideshows. it is for this reason that we now issue an early call for submissions for the event, with a particular focus on photography, painting, sculpture, and video. we intend to collate all entries and make our selection in may and june, giving us time both to assemble an exciting programme and to plan for its most advantageous display. proposals for workshops during this extended period will also be welcomed.