disaster strikes festival !

the chocolate puppets have melted away.

perhaps due to the hot weather, perhaps due to a previously unknown and inexplicable unavailability of chocolate in portugal, perhaps because of the frankly disgraceful behaviour of that prima donna peter pick, perhaps due to their recent traumatic visit to israel (where they were escorted at all times by armed guards and allowed only to see the airport and the rear of their venue) the MAO-ist guerilla puppet theatre of viana do castelo have withdrawn from their promised performance.

so the headline act, the top billing, the earth-shattering, epoch-making, above-the-title performance of revolutionary chocolate puppeteering is not to be.

the world sighs in disappointment. brown itself is momentarily discouraged.

but we soldier on. your dauntless committee is even now in negotiation with renowned artists in various media in order to shore up the pitiful wreckage of your dreams.

rodrigo brito, the chemical photographer and exponent of surfactants is preparing an exhibit.

abraĆ£o moreira of the exclusive click bar and armando martins have taken charge of catering and are organising a concert by renowned performers of the cavacinho.