new additions

despite his interminable and sometimes appalling tantrums a revised portuguese translation of peter pick´s keynote poem "things to say about brown" has been prepared by the fragrant and charming maria olinda alves pereira.

the award-winning exponent of traditional portuguese and contemporary textiles salvador portela has agreed to give a workshop in weaving at the festival on saturday afternoon. this is almost booked up already, but bribes to the committee may be found acceptable and tearful children ejected onto the street.

on sunday a workshop in expressive arts exploring materials including clay and paper will be held under the supervision of maria carvalho and sabine portela.

negotiations towards a final running order of events are proceeding, if only slowly, as new contributors are being constantly sought, recruited and confirmed at a dizzying speed. it is envisaged that the afternoons will be devoted to workshops and the evenings more occupied by performances, videos and slideshows, while the exhibition space will be open at all times, and the bar and food will be outside in the grounds throughout.