Friends of Brown! after consideration we have decided that the best and most rewarding parts of the second festival of brown involved the participation of all those present, and we intend to concentrate more on participatory events in the third festival, which will take place in Montalegre, Tras os Montes, Portugal from 22nd of August to 12 of November 2011. Before the opening of the standing exhibition on the 26th of August there will be four days of workshops/experiences, some of which are already decided, and others of which we hope you will offer ideas for. we also intend once again to curate a standing exhibition and to stage various performances and events in different venues around Montalegre and the surrounding area. one proposal is for an open air firing of clay pieces with music within the castle walls. we also intend to feature performances of electro-acoustic music, theatre, and a saxophone quartet. so, from the 22nd to the 25th of August (inclusive) we wish to offer exciting participatory events of various durations and in various media. Our idea is that each workshop will produce a piece or pieces which will be included in the exhibition. materials (within reason) for these workshops will be payed for, and those offering them will be given accomodation and food. we welcome proposals for video, music, sculpture, theatre, ceramics and any other medium with a connection to the theme of BROWN. we need these proposals to be returned to us by 15th May. we are once again delighted and quite surprised by the enthusiasm shown by our friends, the friends of brown, and we look forward to a highly enjoyable event! very best wishes from the brown group, the grupo castanho (your humble committee) Maria Carvalho, Peter Pick, Sabine Portela, Zé Teixeira.