your noble, overworked and self-sacrificing committee is now able to publish a provisional list of the participants in the

apart from the fixed exhibition of visual art which will remain in situ for the extent of the festival there is also to be a programme of performances, workshops and experiences in the ECO-MUSEU and the castle grounds on the opening weekend, from friday september 3rd to sunday september 5th. these are intended to include experimental music and poetry, (friday night); classical music, (saturday night); and live audio-video mixing (sunday evening).

anyone wishing to participate in either the video/music workshops planned for saturday and sunday or the art experience with João Sá should get in touch as soon as possible with the committee at

all proposals were gratefully received and have been carefully considered, and the international cast of contributors is confirmed as follows (barring unforseen disasters).

Sabine Portela
Annerose Schmidt

António Alijó
José Manuel Arantes
Adriana da Silva Barros
Maria Carvalho
Maria João Castro
centoecatorze-espaço de criações artísticas:
Marisa Alves I Marc Brocal I Joaquim Pombal I Felissa Rosado
Ivone Costa
Tânia Duarte
Arlindo Fagundes
António Fernandes
Marta Figueroa
Fátima Gavinho
Maria Eugenia Gomes
Christina Kalberlah
Carlos Lobato
Aurora Marques
Jorge Paulo Leal Martins
Paula Maurício
Rita Miranda
Barbara Morais
Miguel Neto
Iolanda Parente
Ramir Oliveira
Georgina Queiroz
João Sá
Zé Teixeira
Alberto Vieira
Flávia Vieira

Eva Casado Blanco
Xaime Piñeiro

The Netherlands
Ben Hengeveld
Mary Hengeveld
Lukkien Hoiting
Mieke Qualm

United Kingdom
Shari Baker
Peter Pick

Mark Valentine Sullivan