on the 19th and 20th of september 2009 we will gather at the
escola s gil, perre, near viana do castelo, minho, portugal
for the inaugural
world festival of the colour brown

we are having a party! artists and performers from portugal, england, germany, brazil, turkey and russia are scheduled to present their work, conduct workshops and fraternise gently. extraordinary things are going to happen, including a performance by chocolate puppets.

many good things are brown, and we will share these too. food, for example, and beer.

there will be paintings, pottery, poetry, puppetry,
music, dance, drama, photography.
slideshows, mazes, crazies, videos.
and we will be there with our good friend sabine.

MAO (marionetas, actores & objectos) of viana do castelo will perform a terrifying allegory and they will also offer a workshop with chocolate puppets.
http://www.marionetasemviana.com/ http://marionetasportugal.blogspot.com/2009/03/marionetas-actores-objectos.html

sabine portela, german artist and photographer, will show some wonderful brown paintings.

peter pick, english poet, photographer and academic will read his poem "things to say about brown", show huge photographs and a video and play some music. http://www.peterpick.com/

brownists: there will be a slideshow of pictures from a select international group of photographers who have turned their lenses on this under-estimated colour. full details to follow. http://www.flickr.com/groups/1151349@N25/

eugénia cavaca: people of my land. materials: paper and whatever is suitable. http://www.meg.com.sapo.pt/

joão sá: mandala workshop.

ben hengeveld: poetry.

maria carvalho: ceramicist. nature and its structure, people and their feelings are the basic inspiration of her work. http://www.clayarte.com/

josé teixeira: ceramicist. in his conceptual work he develops social & cultural themes through figures and geometrical structures. http://www.clayarte.com/

richard miles: english musician and painter has contributed some brown canvasses and collaborated on music to be performed at the festival, but is too tall to appear in person. http://www.myspace.com/449100787